March 2, 2012


Spring flowers, Kefalonia
Klismata, Kefalonia
Spring flowers, Kefalonia

Color is a peculiar thing. Endless lines and pages have been written to describe and analyze the effect of color on everything, from mood to productivity. Each color has a personality of sorts and widely accepted associations in literature, science, aesthetics, the life cycle, and cultural perceptions. So many associations, in fact, that they are often contradictory. Take yellow, for example. It is associated with aging, frailty, and cowardice - but also with activity, excitement and freshness.

In nature, however, it means one thing: R-E-V-I-V-A-L!

Yes, the unmistakable arrival of Spring is reconfirmed by the sudden presence of yellow in strips, patches, swirls and bunches. Their density and variety will, of course, improve over the next few weeks but the first impression is unsurpassed. (It even makes me forget about that patch of  "vile white stuff" still visible in the background).

Spring flowers, Kefalonia
Olive grove @Svoronata, Kefalonia
Spring flowers, Kefalonia
Early Spring flowers, Kefalonia

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