Fall in Kefalonia - Avythos Beach
Avythos Beach, Kefalonia
Some are subtle, others stare you in the face. Some are more colorful than others. Regardless of their discretion, or lack of, the signs of transition from Summer to Fall are everywhere. The sunlight has a diffused, slightly orange cast; the sea tries on the deeper shades of the blue palette; the sky is a bit more decisive in color as the temperatures dip, eliminating the summer haze; the beach is reclaimed by its natural inhabitants - pebbles, seaweed, and the white froth of bolder waves; and sun-scorched rocks get to finally quench their thirst when the first Fall springs begin to timidly let their waters flow to meet the sea, forming tiny cascades over green plants in doing so.

It's a natural slowdown, a change of gears - not a reversal. This replenishing and welcome repose for nature signals the beginning of the season that - while introvert in character - has a surprisingly stunning palette of its own. A bit more muted, perhaps, but certainly more varied.

'Tis the time to recompose and bask in the ever present, still warm - but less aggressive - sunlight.

Fall in Kefalonia - Agios Thomas, Karavados
Agios Thomas, Karavados
Fall in Kefalonia - Antisamos Beach
Antisamos Beach, Kefalonia
Xenopoulo, Kefalonia
And if the calm sea and deceivingly blue skies lull you into thinking that it's still Summer,
the chrysanthemums everywhere will certainly remind you that it is not....
Fall in Kefalonia - Avythos Beach

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