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Background: A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Paul Dillon, the author of a novel set in Kefalonia. Paul is a FB friend of this blog and wanted to introduce me to his book. Since then, Paul was kind enough to send me a hard copy, which I eagerly set out to read. Well, now I have and feel impelled to share it with you!

As eager as I was to start reading THE MAGIC IN THE RECEIVER, I must confess that it took me over a week. Ever heard of reading a book that you can't put down?
Well, I had to put this one down every few pages, paragraphs even.
Having been away from Kefalonia for about 5 months, it made me so, so painfully HOMESICK!!!
Not only is the book packed with powerful characters and captivating and intermingling story lines, but it bursts at the seams with the colors and aromas of Kefalonia!
However, to do the book and the author justice, I have to reread it, this time a bit removed from all that is so dear to me. And I will concentrate more on the story.
But you don't have to wait for me to deal with my Kefalonia withdrawal symptoms...
GET IT NOW, READ IT! Just don't try to decipher the title, it's part of the magic!

GET The Magic in the Receiver

(to be continued)

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