Fall in Kefalonia - Avythos Beach
Avythos Beach, Kefalonia
Some are subtle, others stare you in the face. Some are more colorful than others. Regardless of their discretion, or lack of, the signs of transition from Summer to Fall are everywhere. The sunlight has a diffused, slightly orange cast; the sea tries on the deeper shades of the blue palette; the sky is a bit more decisive in color as the temperatures dip, eliminating the summer haze; the beach is reclaimed by its natural inhabitants - pebbles, seaweed, and the white froth of bolder waves; and sun-scorched rocks get to finally quench their thirst when the first Fall springs begin to timidly let their waters flow to meet the sea, forming tiny cascades over green plants in doing so.

It's a natural slowdown, a change of gears - not a reversal. This replenishing and welcome repose for nature signals the beginning of the season that - while introvert in character - has a surprisingly stunning palette of its own. A bit more muted, perhaps, but certainly more varied.

'Tis the time to recompose and bask in the ever present, still warm - but less aggressive - sunlight.

Fall in Kefalonia - Agios Thomas, Karavados
Agios Thomas, Karavados
Fall in Kefalonia - Antisamos Beach
Antisamos Beach, Kefalonia
Xenopoulo, Kefalonia
And if the calm sea and deceivingly blue skies lull you into thinking that it's still Summer,
the chrysanthemums everywhere will certainly remind you that it is not....
Fall in Kefalonia - Avythos Beach


Gestalt shapes and ink blots in Kefalonia
Somewhere along the southern shores of Kefalonia. Look for it!
Take a quick look at the images and answer the question!
(no cheating, please - just say the very first thing that comes to mind)
What do you see in the first image? Is it a seal, a dog, a dolphin, an eagle, or something else?
What about the second image? Is it a dog's paw, an elephant's foot, or something else?
Do you see a wimpy cloud or an eagle taking off in the third image?

Gestalt shapes and ink blots in Kefalonia
From Myrtos to Assos, or vice versa!

I'm sure that most of us have had these "eureka" kind of flashes. You know, that "cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something." 
I have the most vivid memories of those "splats" of the Rorschach evaluation method that seemed so ridiculous at first, back in college. A person's reaction or response to these ambiguous forms was supposed to reveal significant information for the evaluation of his/her personality and perceptions. On the other hand, Gestalt theory - and all its sub theories of grouping, similarity, proximity, emergence, symmetry, closure e.t.c. - was the hottest topic in management, marketing and behavioral psychology lecture halls. After all, it did make a difference - or so it was claimed - if a person saw an old lady rather than a young girl depicted in the drawing being passed around. Or, seeing a circle in an incomplete arc, or a square in four incomplete perpendicular lines! Of course, as diligent students, we memorized all the pertinent facts: the human eye "sees and perceives objects in their entirety before perceiving their individual parts" and our senses do have the "form-generating capability" to fill the gaps in information presented. 
When applied to stimuli in the environment, this simply means that we understand them as a whole rather than the sums of their parts. And this "whole" is greater than the sum of its parts. Sounds very scientific, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure that most of us, at that tender age, wondered how in the name of heavens would all this ever be applicable to anything in the real world
Well, speaking for myself, I finally do see the light! 
Gestalt shapes and ink blots in Kefalonia
Storms and birds of prey over Sissia Monastery
Sometimes, though, all this science comes down to seeing with the eyes of the heart. AND SPEAKING OF HEARTS...

Gestalt shapes and inkblots in Kefalonia
Mt. Aenos' misty heart
Gestalt shapes and inkblots in Kefalonia
Snow-capped Mt. Aenos as seen from Xenopoulo, Kefalonia

Gestalt shapes and inkblots in Kefalonia
Sunrise over Poros from Xenopoulo, Kefalonia

Gestalt shapes and inkblots in Kefalonia
The smooth curves forming Poros Ravine as seen from Xenopoulo, Kefalonia
Gestalt shapes and inkblots in Kefalonia
A grafting cut or a message on this walnut tree?
And I've learned to decipher the natural inkblots in the Kefalonian sky in a way that would blow my professor's mind: IT ALL DEPENDS!!!
Gestalt shapes and inkblots in Kefalonia
An aging Greek God looking down on Kefalonia, a vagabond heart, or just a cloud?
Gestalt shapes and inkblots in Kefalonia
Is that an old witch with its back to the Livatho skyline, or a black sheep trying to find its way back home?
Gestalt shapes and inkblots in Kefalonia
A happy poodle following a camel, with both flying over Vardiani Islet? Or, do I need to have my head examined?
Gestalt shapes and inkblots in Kefalonia
At last! An inkblot with only one interpretation: Just another majestic sunset at Avythos Beach!