From Dartford, UK to New York, USA via Katelios, Kefalonia: more than a Geographic Hyberbole


It started in August of 2011.

But it didn't start with a kiss, the kisses and hugs came much later! It all started with a message in my FB inbox:
"Hi Eleni , hope you don't mind me sending you this but I've just been reading your Kefalonia World! My husband and I have been going to Katelios for 20 years now —every summer without fail! We love your island! ... I just wanted to say I enjoyed your May blog after coming home to UK and rain yesterday!"

It was a message from Pam, a reader who had stumbled upon this blog and wanted to let me know that she enjoyed it. I accepted that friendship request and the rest, as they say, is history. I became "FB friends" with Graham, her husband, as well. I was still living in Kefalonia at the time and, after several virtual exchanges, we were to finally meet in the summer of 2012 when they were to visit the island once again. However, I relocated to New York in the spring of that year and the meeting never took place.

Sunrise over Katelios, Kefalonia
Sunrise over Katelios as seen from Markopoulo, Kefalonia
Sunrise over Katelios as seen from Markopoulo, Kefalonia
In October of 2012, Pam and Graham visited New York and we renewed our plans to get together. Well, you know what they say about "the best laid plans of mice and men.." Hurricane Sandy decided to put a damper on those plans (pun intended).

They were stranded in Manhattan and I was keeping my head above water out on Long Island. After surviving dangling cranes, submerged subways, and an emergency evacuation from their hotel, my - still - virtual friends finally made their way back to England. Plans were postponed once again.

October 2013 rolled around. Pam and Graham were to visit again, and we made plans once again. We were determined - but so were the elements of Nature! St. Jude, a long lost cousin of our Lady Sandy, made his way to the other side of the big pond this time. Fortunately, Pam and Graham's flight managed to take off before the storm became nasty, and we FINALLY got to meet in Manhattan!

I will stop the story here and let the images speak for themselves. Anything else would be an OXYMORON. But that's an inside joke that I cannot even start to explain in this limited space.
Suffice it to say that this is the first time I post photos on this blog that were not taken on Kefalonia.
But I think you'll understand...

Kefalonia lovers in New York City
Finally! Only a red light and the pavement of W 59th St.- Central Park South between us
Friends of Kefalonia World
Pam and Graham - from virtual to real friends
Kefalonia World friends in NYC
New York this time, Katelios next time?
P.S. I'm overjoyed and proud that this blog is about so much more than page views and all those numbers on Google Analytics. It's about views of cherished places, colors, sunrises, sunsets - and the feelings they evoke - shared with those who understand.
And Pam 'n Graham understand... just like Emma 'n Neal and Lynn 'n Andy do.
I feel fortunate in knowing each one of them.


  1. Eleni, I feel very honoured! Overwhelmed in fact! Utterly bowled over! I fell in love with your blog, as you know, and now we feature in it! Words cannot express... - I'll just let your photos do the talking!

    Thank you so much! Such a poignant gift! I'm really touched by it!
    Pam xx

  2. It's for folks like you and Graham that I created this blog. Only natural that you'd be featured in your "virtual home"