Natural Spa, Kefalonia
Rub it on!
Rub it On, Splash it Off!
Paradissi (small paradise) - a more appropriate name could never be for this secluded beach of unexpected proportions. Long and wide, known to many but enjoyed only by the few willing to make the effort. Accessible by a rough - really rough - dirt track which winds downhill through lush vegetation and clusters of pines and carob bean trees. The terrain, rendered slippery by running water from multiple small springs, is tricky to negotiate even on foot. (see previous post "OFF THE BEATEN TRACK")
The beach itself spans a few hundred meters, is naturally sectioned off by rock clusters, its sand is grey and coarse, the waters are typically transparent turquoise, and the seabed is ideal for snorkeling .
So what? That description could easily fit a dozen other beaches on the island. Perhaps... if it wasn't for the abundance of clay everywhere!
Cut off a small slab, wet it, rub it on, let the sun dry it off, and dive in for the finish.
Voila! The most enjoyable, cost efficient, absolutely natural body peel!

Natural Spa, Kefalonia
Sun dry!
Splash it off!


Going to Paradissi, Kefalonia
The track to Paradissi

No Pain, no Gain!
Detouring off the main road holds promises of new experiences for the senses. The road is not paved with roses -no pun intended!- and the ride is bumpy and intimidating more often than not. 

But the law of high risk - high return, will reward you.
With sights and scents.
With raw colors and textures.
With unprocessed beauty.
It is comforting to know that there are places where nature still dominates - and dictates - the "what and how" of things.

Sheep at Sissia, Kefalonia
Sheep at Sissia Monastery, Kefalonia
Off Koroni Beach, Kefalonia
Off Koroni Beach, Kefalonia

Wedged between Koroni and Paradissi, the "Caves" are not easy to access on foot. Maybe, it is just as well!


If a place is destined to put its spell on you,
you might as well learn how to spell it!

Assos, Kefalonia
Fiskardo, Kefalonia
Skala, Kefalonia


Myrtos Bay, Kefalonia
Walking along the ledge over Myrtos Bay, Kefalonia
Impossible to take the northbound route without a stop over Myrtos.
Well, maybe not impossible, but sacrilegious, nevertheless.
So, I did stop.
Tons of blue intermingling with the turquoise and milky white swerves, as if some invisible hand had carelessly tossed gallons of bleach into the bay.

Climbing over the ledge - not a wise move, mind you - a young couple try to photograph each other using a cell phone --with totally unsatisfactory results. I offer to take a couple of shots and e-mail them. In unison they refuse, claiming not to have an e-mail account, though they don't mind me snapping away.
Hmmmm... strange! I am really confused.
But, I have things to do, like follow those milky streaks all the way to Assos.

Some minutes - and kilometers - later, it dawns on me. They were intimidated by the size of the camera and probably thought that they'd have to pay for the photos!

Oh, dear, pretty lady in coral - how could I ever dream of that, in this of all places?
Here, at this monument of natural generosity?
This endless blue is free of charge.
Besides, the coral was yours to begin with....


Kefalonia blue
A place in the sun somewhere in Kefalonia

Away for a few days doing on location research...