Thank you all for staying with the blog through all my changes in residence, mood, posting frequency, broken promises, delays, writer's block, etc etc. Life happens, as they say, and it interferes and holds us back from doing that which we love as we have to concentrate on that which we have to do. 
Anyway, it has been simply awesome to see that, despite all obstacles, the blog's friends have stuck around. I will make no more promises, set no new deadlines... let me surprise you!
As a small token of my appreciation, at the bottom of this post is a link where you can opt to download the image below in higher resolution (1600 X 900 px) and use as desktop background.
It is a loose collage of some of the photos in the "Waltz of the Flowers in Kefalonia" video. Enjoy!

Waltz of the Flowers in Kefalonia, Greece
a collage of spring color in Kefalonia

(Please note that the link is safe as the file itself is in simple .jpg format and Dropbox is a reputable service)