wedding on Kefalonia

"To have joy, one must share it. Happiness is a twin."
Lord Byron

As the boat sheared through the emerald waters of Skala to the impromptu dock at the hotel resort, Captain Vangelis and the crew made the last "systems check." Uniform on, pink rose petals evenly spread out amid rice and koufeta - the small white confectionery traditional to Greek weddings - a jar of walnuts immersed in honey, champagne and glasses in place, music on.
Leaning on the deck rail, I too was doing my last systems check - lens in place, memory card inserted, battery charged. This was not my first time on this magnificent glass bottom boat; I happen to be its "house stowaway." Today, however, was not to be another scheduled island tour. We were to pick up a couple who had just tied the knot at their hotel chapel, and take them, and their party, to Koutsoupia Beach for their wedding reception.
Yes, the day had possibilities!
Little did I know at the time that this was to be a truly memorable day for all, something that became evident as soon as the boat rounded the tip of the small cape and the chapel high up on the hill came into view. A row of hands, raised against the bright afternoon sun, was waving at the boat; the crew reciprocated by sending waves of sound their way.
Once moored, I climbed out and claimed a spot on a rock to leisurely photograph the boarding. Still no clue as to how this would unfold...
And then, they started coming down the steps of the hill.
Emma and Neal, that's the proper way of saying it, I guess, but that isn't really honest. It took a while to figure out who the groom was (forgive me Neal?) because my viewfinder was exploding with the image of a lovely lady in a dreamy off shoulder, Grecian style, bright white gown. And flip-flops!

wedding party boards boat, Kefalonia
I do however deem it wiser to end the narrative here and let the images tell the rest of the story as no words of mine could.
Just this...
Emma and Neal,
Today, on your 1st ANNIVERSARY
Kefalonia sends lots of sunshine your way.
Thank You for sharing your joy with us!
May the rest of your life be an endless zeimbekiko dance with your family and friends alongside to cheer you on and your steps leading you back here....
Kefalonia wedding celebration

captain Vangelis Kefalonia


  1. Wow. Memories forever. Elani, that was a wonderful sweet thing to post on our 1st anniversary. We look forward to catching up with you in September when we will be able to raise a glass (or two) with you. X

  2. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!
    You didn't just take photos of our union that day, you captured every emotion, every tear that was shed, every dance that was danced, every laugh that was laughed! When I look back at these pictures I get transported back to the very details of the day. Sights, sounds and scents!!!

    Thank you for loaning us your very beautiful island to achieve our dream wedding!!! And thank you for being our friend.

    And .......... I still have the Flip Flops :-)))))

  3. A sweet good morning to both of you! I'm sure you had a lovely anniversary celebration. We may just have to raise a glass or two, like you said Neal, in September to celebrate again!
    Emma, I meant every word of the Byron quote in my post! Happiness is so scarce nowadays that it can only multiply when shared - it's the cloning effect! And, friends are the people we can share with the things we love and the things that they love.
    Looking foward to seeing you in