October 20, 2012


St. Gerasimos Church at Omala, Kefalonia
St. Gerasimos Church at Omala Valley, Kefalonia
October 20th is the most significant religious holiday for Kefalonia as the island honors its patron saint. The commemoration festivities for Saint Gerasimos are held over two days during which the Valley of Omala comes alive with the devout, the curious, the last tourists before the season officially shuts down. Some seek a cure or a miracle; others use the occasion as a family outing to enjoy the festivities.
Most Kefalonians do have a peculiar relationship with their patron saint, sometimes in contrast to their everyday religious beliefs. It is a relationship that borders on familiarity and possession!
And tradition, of course. And identity.
Besides, it is hard to find a family in Kefalonia without a member named Gerasimos.
St. Gerasimos Convent, Kefalonia
St. Gerasimos Church, Kefalonia
Litany at St. Gerasimos of Omala, Kefalonia
The Litany at Omala Valley, Kefalonia
Litany at St. Gerasimos of Omala, Kefalonia

Litany at St. Gerasimos of Omala, Kefalonia
Litany at St. Gerasimos of Omala, Kefalonia
St.Gerasimos, Kefalonia
The Convent grounds at St. Gerasimos, Kefalonia


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  2. Good morning from Las Vegas! I joined the Dimitratos Family FB Group and posted a comment for you just now. Will visit kefalonia September (see www.BillFravel.com/Kefalonia2013). We will be at the Ionion Arts/CultureScience center. Left you some info re: my Dimitratos family; looking for more Dimitratos information for my Heritage Journey! Thanks ....Marilyn Demos (Dimitratos) Fravel