Natural Spa, Kefalonia
Rub it on!
Rub it On, Splash it Off!
Paradissi (small paradise) - a more appropriate name could never be for this secluded beach of unexpected proportions. Long and wide, known to many but enjoyed only by the few willing to make the effort. Accessible by a rough - really rough - dirt track which winds downhill through lush vegetation and clusters of pines and carob bean trees. The terrain, rendered slippery by running water from multiple small springs, is tricky to negotiate even on foot. (see previous post "OFF THE BEATEN TRACK")
The beach itself spans a few hundred meters, is naturally sectioned off by rock clusters, its sand is grey and coarse, the waters are typically transparent turquoise, and the seabed is ideal for snorkeling .
So what? That description could easily fit a dozen other beaches on the island. Perhaps... if it wasn't for the abundance of clay everywhere!
Cut off a small slab, wet it, rub it on, let the sun dry it off, and dive in for the finish.
Voila! The most enjoyable, cost efficient, absolutely natural body peel!

Natural Spa, Kefalonia
Sun dry!
Splash it off!

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