Going to Paradissi, Kefalonia
The track to Paradissi

No Pain, no Gain!
Detouring off the main road holds promises of new experiences for the senses. The road is not paved with roses -no pun intended!- and the ride is bumpy and intimidating more often than not. 

But the law of high risk - high return, will reward you.
With sights and scents.
With raw colors and textures.
With unprocessed beauty.
It is comforting to know that there are places where nature still dominates - and dictates - the "what and how" of things.

Sheep at Sissia, Kefalonia
Sheep at Sissia Monastery, Kefalonia
Off Koroni Beach, Kefalonia
Off Koroni Beach, Kefalonia

Wedged between Koroni and Paradissi, the "Caves" are not easy to access on foot. Maybe, it is just as well!

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