Ithaca: Don't You Love Her Madly? (Part III)

Sailing Kioni, Ithaca
On the way to Kioni, Ithaca
The third leg of the journey is a visit to Kioni, the traditional seaside village tucked away in the northeastern shore of Ithaca. Windmills, small cottages, and tiny chapels come into view—perched on rocky land intrusions into the gleaming sea.

Kioni itself is not as "mood intensive" as Vathy, but with an aura of its own.
Kioni, Ithaca
Quayside at Kioni, Ithaca

Kioni, Ithaca
Attention grabbing elements at Kioni, Ithaca

One last stop before leaving Ithaca...
One last dip in the enticing, blue waters of Filiatro Beach...
Filiatro Beach, Ithaca
Aqua-blue perfect Filiatro Beach, Ithaca
To be continued......
Not the posts, THE JOURNEY...

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