Ithaca: From Here to There and Back

If not for the brisk northwestern breeze blowing through the channel, the return journey from Ithaca to Kefalonia is uneventful.

Midway through crossing the channel, the eye wanders undecided. 
Left behind is the ultimate destination of dreams; ahead lies the overwhelming, massive floating rock that is home.

And the boat keeps shearing the water at a speed that leaves no time for regret, tilting a bit as the sea gets choppy.
As if to prepare you for the return to more familiar ground.
Sailing from Ithaca to Kefalonia
Ithaca outlined in the afternoon sky, with Kefalonia lurking in the background
Sailing from Ithaca to Kefalonia
Sailboats gliding between Kefalonia and Ithaca
Sailing from Ithaca to Kefalonia
Returning to Kefalonia with a northwestern breeze in the channel

And, without any undue guilt, as I mentioned when I started this blog, a mention of Captain Vangelis and his beautiful "Mythos" Glass Bottom Boat—the most gracious host on all my sea outings.

Captain Vangelis' Glass Bottom Boat Special Cruises

Thank you, Vangelis!

And, in case you missed the journey:
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