Indulgent November

November sunshine, Kefalonia
Maistrato Marina at Argostoli, Kefalonia
If there's a month with a definite purpose, it is November. Its mission is to prepare us for the wickedness of winter. But this November has assumed duty without noteworthy eagerness to fulfill its job description.

Crispy mornings and chilly evenings have undoubtedly arrived, but with tons of sunshine and warm days between the two. Gray struggles with blue, resulting in interesting powder blue skies with a few puffs of light grey clouds. The sea is all too willing as a huge reflector of the subtle hues.
November sunshine, Kefalonia
Maistrato Beach, Kefalonia
I suspect that if I make my way to the Lighthouse, I'll see dozens of locals swimming in the shallow waters of Argostoli Bay. (A bit extreme for me, but I always enjoy looking at them behind my rolled up car window!)

Yes, November is on duty, but indulgently so...

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