Sunset at Avythos Beach, Kefalonia
November sunset at Avythos Beach, Kefalonia
There are no two ways about it. The "Greek Crisis" lurks on everyone's mind, both in the country and abroad.
Sheltered as we are here on the island - mainly due to the distance from Athens - it nevertheless weighs on our minds and daily life.
It isn't within the realm of this blog to analyze the situation or offer an opinion on the turmoil that Greece is currently going through. Of course we feel the strain. Yes, it is depressing. Sure, there is uncertainty - fear even - in thinking about the future.
But we truly are so much luckier than people in the rest of the country. At least, I feel that way. Blessed with so much beauty around me, I never fail to find a spot of total serenity, a place where I can let my worries dissolve like the gentle wave that breaks into soft white foam on the beach. Even if it's only for an instant.

Going back to basics, to the land, to reconnecting with friends, to reestablishing social bonds, to participating in traditional activities, is all part of the plan to get from here to there in troubled times. Who knows, maybe we will come out of this stronger, friendlier, healthier, and, happier in having discovered the substance of things and having reordered our priorities. I'm reserved but optimistic.

Note: Spent the last two days with friends at an olive grove (it's olive picking season). There was more genuine laughter, camaraderie and all around good fun than I've experienced in years. In coming posts, I'll share my little endeavors in the quest of bliss amidst troubled times.)

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