Spasmata, Kefalonia
Spasmata, Kefalonia
Fishing near White Rocks, Kefalonia
Fishing near White Rocks, Kefalonia
It's a game of endurance and persistence. One I usually lose, but without regrets or grudges. The location provides ample opportunity for capturing one of those shots that you pat yourself on the back for.
The rocky outcrop on the left is home to dozens of seagulls, nesting their young, flying to and from overhead in interesting formations, and doing all sorts of acrobatics. The white rocks on the right provide a stark background for fishermen either casting or pulling in their nets. Straight ahead are the cloud formations over the peninsula of Paliki, indicative of the weather's general intentions for the next few days. A few yards to the back is the end of the airport runway, with no surprises this time of year. Dispersed throughout the small bay are a number of fishing boats, some farther out, one or two to the right towards the white rocks. You'd think that it would be a matter of minutes before I'd get that desired shot...

Well, it isn't that simple...
I can vouch for this, here on this small bay are the most uncooperative seagulls and fishermen on the entire island! The birds seem to take off from their rocky haven only when I'm distracted doing some stupid task like changing lenses or shifting position to avoid numbness. The fisherman seems to intentionally let the boat drift sideways to a most inconvenient position. Is it possible that man and birds may be in cahoots?? Yes, a conspiracy is clearly indicated.
On this particular day, my "catch" was menial. Of course, when the dampness of the day began to overwhelm my bones and I just had to leave, it happened. He started to pull the net in, and a cloud of seagulls flocked over the boat to claim their share of the loot.
But I was already in the car, no sense turning back...
Maybe next time...

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