Winter sky, Kefalonia
View from Kefalonia to the Peloponnese
Few days are as clear, crisp, and colorful as those "blessed" by a northern wind. Every tiny detail comes into sharp focus and the muted winter horizon becomes clearly defined. Neighboring islands, conveniently blurred by the seasonal mist, come out of hiding. On days like these, part of mainland Peloponnese pops up and is easily  mistaken as the northern part of Zakynthos (Zante), our island neighbor to the south.
Quick changing cloud formations provide interesting backgrounds for otherwise depressing, bare trees. The sun's rays peek and pierce through grey clouds and reach the sea surface as bright strobe lights.
Yes, all looks picture perfect, but is it?
Yes, there is a catch to this scenario.
The same northern winds that paint the sky and sea so artistically, do not arrive without baggage. Their load is white, fluffy, and cold.
If you turn around and look at Mt. Aenos, the backbone of Kefalonia, you can see it "unpacking".
Then you know that it is going to be a white Christmas.
And, it was!

(to be continued)

Winter colors, Kefalonia
A crisp winter day in Kefalonia
It's snowing on Mt. Aenos, Kefalonia
It's snowing on Mt. Aenos, Kefalonia
Mt. Aenos, Kefalonia
Mt. Aenos, Kefalonia

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