September 16, 2011


Skala, KefaloniaSkala, Kefalonia
Skala, Kefalonia
It's mid-September...
Penny has left Skala behind for the campus of Adelphi U; Nicole has said goodbye to her beach gear and is wrecking havoc on Long Island; Grace has traded her carefree Kefalonia days to reassume overlooking her home remodeling in NY; Andreas has given up the beach party scene and is back on classroom duty in Manhattan; Anastasia has put her sandals away to face orientation at Pace U.

They are all gone...
I have yet to organize the photos into folders, burn them to cd, and email out to them. Maybe because it still doesn't feel like summer is over. The days have shrunk and I've certainly put away my beach gear as well... But this summer has not yet given any serious indication that it wants to go away.
I think it knows that we're expecting new arrivals and is going out of its way to be gracious.

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