Midday swim at Maistrato, Kefalonia
There's a misconception that people who live on an island year round are on permanent vacation. Though there is some truth in that, it is a misconception nonetheless.
Perhaps it's a misconception we, ourselves promote. I mean, how can I tell Grace, my best friend back in NY, that I haven't been to the beach yet???  She is coming out here to visit in August and warns me by email "not to be too obscenely tanned."
Strolled down to the pier today to get a few shots of the "Queen Elizabeth" that docked in Argostoli this morning. Then on to Maistrato to get a different angle. The scorching sun put strange ideas into my head: abandon the pc on my desk, let the screensaver keep it company, put the camera away, dive in............cool down, be on permanent vacation!
Oh well, there's always the weekend...
I will look like a happy islander by the time Grace gets here...
cruise ship, Argostoli Kefalonia
CS Queen Elizabeth in Argostoli, Kefalonia

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