Fishing near Dias Islet, Kefalonia
Fishing near Dias Islet, Kefalonia

His name is not Santiago - I'm sure of that. Yiannis, Niko, Makis, Giorgos, Andreas is much more likely.
His companion is probably his wife, who is most certainly not named Manolin.
On this outing, he will, in all possibility, pull in some sea bass, not a marlin.
No sharks will follow him to claim his catch, and he will not have to fend them off with the oar. He is definitely not out paddling on the choppy waters of the Gulf Stream. No, these are the deep but familiar waters of the tiny - by comparison - Ionian Sea, in the vicinity of Dias Islet, off the southern coast of Kefalonia.

But sitting on the wet sand of Avythos Beach in late November, waiting for the sunset to paint the sky, I cannot but make the far-fetched connection. Taking it a step further, I can even "see" the determination on his face.
And then, reality checks in....
Hemingway's classic novel
When he notices the lone figure on the beach, and the long zoom lens pointed at him, he nudges his companion to turn around to see the invader. They both look to the shore, take a bow, and wave.
I wave back and return to the task at hand.

So much for Hemingway today.....

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