Emblissi, Kefalonia
Emblissi Beach, Kefalonia
June is a sneaky month. Absolutely cunning in the way in which the days just go by without accounting for their comings and goings. And before you know it, July creeps up on you, along with the realization that it's almost mid summer.
Time to stop procrastinating, pack a beach bag, and seek out your place in the sun.
But I'm a bit ambivalent where July is concerned. On one hand, it's my favorite beach going month. On the other hand, it's the month that saddles my back with another year as my mom had nothing better to do on July 15th!
Wishing that all of you are "beach-ready." Enjoy!
And, lest I forget myself on a beach for the next few days, HAPPY 4th OF JULY to all of you across the big ocean.....

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