Fiskardo, Kefalonia
Fiskardo, Kefalonia
Resisting the wiles of "cosmopolitan" Fiskardo is easier said than done.
The view of the huge, luxurious yachts that dock there is enough to bring out the paparazzi in anyone. Media tycoons, famous actors, filthy rich sheikhs from the Middle East, catwalk queens -  each of the shiny big boats carries a "heavy load."
Though more fascinated by seagulls, sunsets, and crashing waves, I too get tempted to slip on the long zoom lens and capture this glamor, style, and elegance. Fortunately, these thoughts go as fast as they come.  I let myself drift to the other side of town, next to the ferry dock. Here, the yellow fishing nets and the sea battered wooden hulls, balance out the impressions previously formed. Because they look just as significant. And the dozens of sailing boats that carelessly slip in and out of the bay provide more action for the composition than the massive, but seemingly lifeless, figures of the floating palaces.

Yes, proportion is back.
From this angle, everything is in its right place.
Only Fiskardo could get away with this!

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