Every single word and photograph on this blog is original, and mine. I don’t “borrow” – creatively or otherwise – and, as a rule, I don’t repost third party material. When I do, I always mention the source. It is a matter of principle.
Exceptions to the above:
-    Of course I did not redraw the map of Kefalonia. (thank you, Google)
-    I use song lyrics extensively: sometimes in the titles of posts, sometimes in my main text. Though I always strive to give credit where due, sometimes I may not; most of these lyrics are so “public domain” in a way, as they are widely recognizable and/or have been incorporated into everyday expression. (for example: “All you need is Love”, “Stairway to Heaven”, etc, etc)
-    I do borrow quotes shamelessly from literary giants, but only as a tribute to them since I could never express it better than they have. And yes, I have a special “thing” for the absolute master of the English language – William Shakespeare – but always with all credit due to the Great One, lest he come back and haunt me with some medieval copyright law, yelling at me “Out, out, you damned spot”!


I’ll be succinct: No portion of this blog may be copied, used, reproduced or presented in any form without my prior knowledge and consent. Reposting on social media or other noncommercial media is ok, as long as the source is clearly mentioned.

Kefalonia fishing
(To take some of the photos I post here, I spent lots of time driving on dirt roads, climbing hills and rocks, ducking crashing waves, avoiding encounters with some unfriendly species of local flora and fauna – not to mention cash outlays for car repairs, camera equipment and first aid kits (prickly pears are nice to look at but they do sting!) Therefore, it’s absolutely maddening to have someone benefit commercially from this without having to do more than just right click. The same is true for text: writing is a result of one’s sum total of feelings, knowledge, education, experiences etc.  I’ve seen portions of my work reproduced on commercial sites without credit and it’s infuriating. )
However, if you like a photo for your own use – e.g. as a screensaver – please email me and I’ll send it to you in the proper resolution. (Material is available for commercial use as well, under certain conditions).
Anyone caught in a net of copyright abuse, will be promptly fried... ;-)

A Disclaimer of Sorts

Although a lover of English literature – esp. fascinated by the writers of the Victorian and Romantic Eras – I write in “American” English. This is inevitable as I grew up and was schooled across the Atlantic. Therefore, my rainbows have colors (instead of colours), my posts are organized (instead of organised) in categories, and, I place my photos off center (instead of off centre). Though most of the quotes and allusions used are strictly literary, some are inevitably cultural - as are numerous colloquialisms used. I feel the need for clarifying this point because I’d hate to unintentionally alienate my Brit friends.  All I can promise is to always strive to be sincere and “correct” in information disseminated through this blog – linguistic “correctness” is beyond me at this time. OK?

And a Disclaimer of Principle

This blog is NOT A COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY on my part. Yes, I do similar work professionally: mostly writing for print and digital destination marketing. BUT this is MY PERSONAL BLOG, the place I unload my “likes” and concerns, my interests, the stuff that usually gets left out from official brochures and websites as too “particular, too unconventional.” This is the dump site of my heart and soul – the place where I share all the thoughts and material that fills up many gigabytes on several hard disks and is shouting out to be seen and heard.
There will NOT be commercial activity on this blog, with the possible exception of a link to any site that endorses the blog. NO ADVERTISING of accommodation, holiday packages or local ...widgets! However, from time to time I may mention a service, business, person or product within the context of my posts. Any such mention will be strictly on a personal level and from personal experience or knowledge. There are some noteworthy people doing excellent work out here and some of them are my friends. So, without undue guilt, I will mention them - if and when appropriate - but no links to commercial sites. Should any of you wish to explore such a mention further, email me and I’ll get you in touch.

No more, no less….
Note: All photos are as"straight out of the camera"- with the exception of some cropping to accommodate sizing needs. No Photoshop, no touch up, no erasing of distractions. WYSIWYG.

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