When I set my countdown to Spring into motion a few days ago, I had no idea that Mother Nature would be so offended by my impetuous action. Her reaction was disproportionately violent compared to my humble wish for the arrival of her prettiest season: howling winds, torrential rain, turbulent seas, sweeping waves, freezing temperatures, and billions of snow flurries piling on each other, for no apparent reason other than to annoy me and so many others.

Winter at Agios Thomas, Kefalonia
Agios Thomas, Kefalonia with snow capped Mt. Aenos in the background

But for all her wickedness, the countdown continues. As long as the snow is framed against pink almond tree blossoms, Spring is just around the corner. It may be delayed a bit but all this rain and melting snows will help her make a debut with extravagant flora and colors.

Snow on Mt. Aenos,Kefalonia
Snow on Mt. Aenos, Kefalonia

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