Winter fishing at Avythos Beach, Kefalonia
Against the tide, against all odds!
It was a rough week for this island because it has been an extremely rough week for this country.
I've captured many colors, shapes and textures this past week, aided by the moody weather, wind, and clouds. But none as symbolic as the scenes of the lone fisherman matching wits with the fish swimming against the tide. Don't ask which is which in the symbolism. Suffice it to say that, despite the outcome, both will have had their moment of triumph under the caressing sun rays, which serve to deceitfully compensate for the rough seas and turbulent times.
It is a game of patience, perseverance, and the will to survive. Time will tell.
It may even turn out that the tide is cathartic for both man and fish.

Avythos Beach, kefalonia
Avythos Beach, Kefalonia

Lourdas Beach, Kefalonia
Lourdas Beach, Kefalonia

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