Crashing waves at Pessada, Kefalonia
A sea swell exploding on breakwaters at Pessada, Kefalonia

It is a lady's prerogative to be unpredictable, and the sea is definitely a lady.
Of course she is flattered by flamboyant descriptions as to her virtues; she even tolerates wish-washy praises about her character. Being absolutely calm and dressed in stunning shades of blue is her natural state. But just when you think you've got her all figured out, she'll remind you that she can be capricious, moody, vain, and fierce.
She'll rise, darken, and send out her signals in waves. At times though, her vices are overwhelmingly deceitful.
Like when she seems calm on the surface but swells and crashes with a sweeping roar, staying just as beautiful when unleashing her fury. That is the time to stand back in humble admiration - give her time, it will pass.

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