Mt. Aenos, Kefalonia
View of Mt. Aenos from Lourdas Beach, Kefalonia

As the snow had all but melted under the harsh January sun, crisp but enticing days were sure to follow. So, a leisurely Sunday drive was clearly indicated.  No game plan, no planned routes, no itinerary to adhere to. With abrupt stops at crossroads and impulsive decisions as to which road to take.

Kefalonia winter colors
Winter colors at Lourdas and Trapezaki, Kefalonia
Yellow Wagtail at Trapezaki, Kefalonia
Yellow Wagtail at Trapezaki, Kefalonia

Nice, but predictable. Until I decided to explore on foot the ravine behind the beach at Trapezaki and there she was, standing out amidst all that green and blue. I'm certainly not a bird expert, to the extent that I can only tell a chicken from a vulture apart, but she left no doubt as to her genus: a bird with this strut of the tail can only be a YELLOW WAGTAIL!
Wagging her way across the puddles formed by running waters on the uneven turf, she seemed to take extreme pleasure in knowing that her reflection was equally spectacular. Yes, beauty comes with attachments: vanity and self confidence!

(unfortunately, the 2nd camera with the  longlens attached, was without memory card, so I had to capture her with a short zoom lens, lest she decide to fly away while I was trying to change cards)

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