From time to time I run into some long forgotten photos, in a mislabeled file folder of my hard disk, that bring a big smile to my face. Not because they are good images but because they are associated with extraordinary moments, people, or situations. Such are the two photos below. Let me explain...

Fishermen at Spartia,Kefalonia
Preparing the nets @Spartia, Kefalonia

The image above was snapped with a small digital pocket camera in January 2006.
An extraordinary period for Kefalonia, by any definition. We had a severe - and unprecedented - snowstorm that knocked out power lines, causing a 3 day total blackout! Needless to say, there was not much to do in the house with no electricity, running water, telephone, or internet service. The only battery still working was that of the car and the pocket Canon. So, I found myself wandering to the village of Spartia where I could at least bask in the crisp, bright sunshine. The fishermen on the small quay of Klimatsias Beach were going about their business - so I too went on with mine!

 (A couple of years later, this photo was used by the former Municipality of Livatho as a poster, breaking ground since it was the first time that a winter photo of the island was used in promotional material.)

Fishing boat at Paliouras, Kefalonia
Cajoling for the day's meal @Paliouras Bay, Kefalonia
I had followed this fishing boat from Antisamos Beach to the smaller bay of Paliouras, on the outskirts of Sami. Walking along the edge of the road above the bay, I was snapping away as the seagulls circled the boat in a ritual manner, trying to convince the fishermen to part with a portion of their catch and dedicate it to a good cause! As the huge mast to the left came into view, I almost tripped over the edge in a futile effort to see the vessel it belonged to. I will never forget how silly I felt a year later when, while crossing this bay by boat, I discovered that the mast is actually part of the architecture of a villa overlooking the beach!

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