Seagull watching, Kefalonia
The mainland as seen from southeastern Kefalonia
When skies take on pale, powder blue and gray shades, they do so with a purpose. Only then do the outlines of the mainland take on definite shape and form. Hazy blobs in the horizon pop out for what they really are: snow covered mountains, rugged islets, and rock formations acting as "pit stops" for seagulls. 
Some are closer than others but there is no use in trying to map out "what is what" and attach names to them, though each one does have a unique name.

seagulls, Kefalonia

On a clear skies, true blue day you probably could because - strangely enough - there is less to see. Then, only the largest and well recognized islands and islets are visible. It's only on less vivid, subtle and muted days that the more obscure formations come into focus, blotting out the big picture and forcing you to concentrate on details.
Like the flight path of seagulls that bridges the distance between here and there.
Or, the relevance of distance itself when it comes to drifting over the sea.

Seagull watching, Kefalonia
A pit stop for seagulls along the southeastern coast of Kefalonia

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