Kefalonia sunset

This humble tree has seen it all.
Same place, approximately same time, different season, different wind.

Standing unassumingly on the side of the road, near the village of Markopoulo, it is a lonely figure outlined in color or total oblivion - depending on the whims of the seasonal winds.

Kefalonia in Fog

When the cool and dry northwestern mistral and the gentle, though unpredictable, zephyr from the west take turns in coloring Kefalonia's evenings, the little fellow basks in an orange and purple shroud.

It is when ostria - the wicked lady blowing in from the south - rolls in with a roar from the shores of northern Africa, the tree stops being a mere foreground element. It is almost like a beacon on a rugged shore; its earthly existence takes on a practical purpose. Yes, this is the edge of the road, beyond here is a white abyss of mist - the "southern bitch's" calling card.
Luckily, she is restless and won't stick around for long.
(Top photo taken in October, bottom photo in early May - but the order could just as easily be reversed!)


  1. wind child still
    I see your love of God’s creativity spreading
    wind child still
    I see stars in heaven smile in your soul eyes....
    Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

    Dedicated with respect to You!!!