Agia Efimia, Kefalonia
"There's an unsigned pact between God and us islanders here in Greece. He makes sure we have the brightest and bluest waters and we, in turn, have committed to decorating them in the most colorful and imaginative way."
These words belong to an old fisherman I met some years ago; a face weathered more by the sun and the sea than the passage of time, with patience, wisdom, and pride.

The "decorations" he referred to are the traditional wooden boats and caϊques which are so characteristic of the Greek Islands. Fishermen take great pride in painting them in bright colors - each trying to outdo the other in fulfilling the "contract" with God.

Unfortunately, EC directives dictate that  wooden  boats be physically destroyed and replaced with plastic and fiberglass hulled vessels.

All we can hope for is that God is not too upset with this breach of contract. I can't imagine Him not holding up his part of the deal for bright, blue seas!

Note: The traditional fishing boat pictured here is the "SEABIRD," resting for the day in the bay of Agia Efimia.

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