Riding the crest of a breaking wave or showing off their 360 degree vision, fun loving swimmers and woodcocks* are really birds of the same feather at Trapezaki Beach! **

* Woodcocks are a common species of wading birds living in woodlands close to the coastline. Though elusive, they are popular game birds :((

** Behind the beach is a densely wooded ravine, naturally canopied by plane trees wrapped in climbing and ground-creeping ivy, bindweed, and other foliage, and natural springs and running waters forming small reflecting pools. This is a habitat for many birds, including falcons.
There's is a marked walking trail along the ravine, but I've never tried it since I'm not too keen on experiencing an encounter with any type of creature belonging to the reptile family! So, I stick to walking or driving along the narrow ravine road. It's gorgeous ...and safer!

Trapezaki, Kefalonia birds


  1. My feelings about Kefalonia...

    Having just read the first of Eleni's thoughts, feelings and comments on her beautiful island, I would like to share my comments. I would also like to point out that I write from the heart so I will apologise now if I have not written this in journalistic form!

    I loved reading what she's done so far. The photos are beautiful and reflect how special this island is, although nothing compares to seeing it for real! Had I not already met Eleni and had the privilege of talking to her and learning so much more about the island, I would get that she has much passion and love for Kefalonia from what she's written so far. One can see that she understands this place and has much enthusiasm towards promoting it.

    Personally, the most valuable information she gave us was to suggest lots of places to visit that possibly, only the Kefalonians know about. I had done my research on the internet before we came, so was already aware of the most popular tourist attractions to visit. However, it was so exciting to then visit the places suggested to us by Eleni - little coves and beaches that we would not necessarily have found by ourselves and all the little bits of information about places etc that one can't get from the internet or guide books. I feel that most people who visit islands like Kefalonia surely don't just come for the sea and sunshine. They want to know about the way of life, the people, the food and the history etc.

    I have so much affection for this place - it grabbed me from the start and held my heart! One of the English expats told me that would happen - and it did! There is beauty literally round every bend in the road and I never get tired of seeing it. The mountains are awe inspiring and I haven't even mentioned the truly wonderful welcoming and affectionate people that call this place home! When our time is over and we have to leave I find it hard to do so and as I take one last look back at the sea - I feel a pull so hard that I can't imagine never coming back. Why?....it makes me feel at peace and makes me realise what a beautiful world we live in......

  2. Thank you Lynn.
    I'm sure you know there is so much more to experience. I'm so pleased to have met you and Andy and really look forward to your visit in September. Or should I say, your HOMECOMING??