Kefalonia Caretta Caretta Turtle
The story: This loggerhead turtle (caretta-caretta) is very particular about her meals. A veteran of Argostoli Bay, she enjoys "pet status" among the local fishermen. Totally spoiled, she chooses her "target" with exceptional precision each time, and is relentlessly playful until she is hand fed her choice meal by one of her unofficial caretakers.
Preferences include red mullets and small sea bass. Though one of many turtles frequenting the bay, she is easily recognizable by a white bone scar on her back, probably due to a past encounter with a boat propeller or hull. Her favorite hangout is the fish boat docking section along Argostoli's waterfront - for obvious reasons!

The Fact: Kefalonia - along with the neighboring island of Zante- is a major habitat and breeding location for the Mediterranean loggerhead turtle caretta-caretta, a species protected by law as endangered for extinction.

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