Andy and Lynn in Kefalonia
Andy and Lynn in KefaloniaWhen Lynn finally deciphered the message of her Valentine's Day card, Oh what Joy! Andy had succumbed to her wish, it was to be Kefalonia again. What he didn't know at the time was that she was a woman with a purpose. Yes, she was finally going to perfect her frappe drinking technique, do it like the Greeks do - slowly and enjoying every sip!
Well, things did not work out that way, despite her good intentions. Within minutes, she managed to drink it all up, though conscious that the glass content was diminishing too quickly.

Face it Lynn, these things need practice. On location!
You may have to come back several times before you get your bona fide status as a  frappe drinker.

We'll all be back at Pessada to welcome you back in September...

Happy Homecoming Andy and Lynn!

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