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When the first big boat rolled in two years ago, docking on the new cruise ship pier, I filled up 3 memory cards with photographs. It seemed so immense, so intimidating, that I had to get it down to laptop screen size! Last summer I upgraded the memory card because once I had the ships' size into manageable dimensions, there were the passengers to deal with! Thousands of them. The  nationalities vary and the demographics are astonishing: students, elderly couples, newlyweds, families with small children, groups of friends etc. Interested, bored, curious, indifferent, inquisitive, reluctant, impressed, disappointed, quiet, lively, animated, expressionless - there are as many dispositions as cabins on a ship.
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Size is a matter of perspective!
cruise ship in Argostoli KefaloniaEach nationality lives up to its stereotype to an extent: the British are discreet and enjoy walking along the waterfront, the Italians roll into town - in groups - like a thunderstorm, the Germans already know where to go and what to see, the Canadians could pass for Americans if their smoother accent didn't give them away, the French would rather circle a town block for hours than ask for directions in English, the Dutch are just happy to find a ledge to bask in the sun, and the few Americans - taking a break from their usual Caribbean cruises - are always searching for someone to take a group shot of them doing all kinds of acrobatics in front of landmarks!
The locals also live up to the stereotype of a nation that hasn't made up its mind yet whether it should roll out the renowned Greek hospitality or continue its midday siesta! 
The curiosity of that first year, when dozens of locals would pass by the pier to see "the monsters," is now replaced by a familiarity evidenced in the ease with which the cruise ships are recognized from afar and referred to by name. From time to time, there's an older fisherman, or two, sitting by the pier and exercising austere criticism at how the captain is mooring the ship. "All that fancy equipment and it still takes him 10 minutes. I could do it blindfolded!" (I doubt it, but keep my opinion to myself when I hear this).

Kefalonia cruise ships
Impressive as these vessels are, it's hard to lose your head over their size when they can actually fit into your side view mirror!  It's their "load" that matters....

cruise ship Argostoli Kefalonia

And, though I'm almost certain that this old timer has probably never heard of Otis Redding, I'll dedicate the verse to him anyway!

Sittin' in the mornin' sun
I'll be sittin' when the evenin' come
Watching the ships roll in
And then I watch 'em roll away again....

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