Kipouria, Kefalonia
Kipouria Monastery, Kefalonia

The edge of my emotional universe, that's what this place is. Sitting on the ledge of the monastery's yard and overlooking the sheer drop of the cliff into the sea, only a stretch of railing separating me from the blue abyss below and  the horizon to the west. It is always soothing and regenerating.
The only living creature to turn its back to this view is one of the old monk's spoiled companions.
It turned out that kitty was much more interested in my camera bag, left carelessly on the ledge. And this time curiosity did not kill the cat but some of the contents of the bag as they went tumbling down the cliff.
Oh, well! Who needs an extra pair of prescription sunglasses anyway? Or a lens cap.... Or a battery charger..... Nice Kitty!

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