Wild plum tree, Kefalonia
Wild plums @ Xenopoulo, Kefalonia

Spent a bittersweet weekend at the village. Bitter because every little thing there is reminder of my dad who passed away a few months ago.  Sweet because the wild plum tree he planted some years ago, had its best yield ever. Nice, round, ripe too! It has been decades since I indulged in just picking fruit off a tree and devouring it on the spot.

tastes and aromas of Kefalonia

It is ironic how often I've described the tastes and aromas of Kefalonia on brochures and websites, without having enjoyed them in this most simple manner for so long.
Faith reconfirmed...
Filled up several bags to carry back to my friend Katerina; she knows how to make this taste last longer. Over the next few days, she will pit them, cut them, and do her secret magic until they show up again in vases as marmalade or jam. (I'm trying to convince her to go commercial with this God given talent)
Meanwhile, go ahead - pick one!
Even the ones captured out of focus are yummy.......

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