Petani Bay Kefalonia
Petani Bay, Kefalonia
It was a bright and cheerful afternoon,
Towards the end of the sunny
month of June,
When the north wind
congregates in crowds
The floating mountains
of the silver clouds
From the horizon--
and the stainless sky
Opens beyond them like eternity. 
("Summer and Winter"
Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Of course Shelley had never visited this little corner of the world - unlike his contemporary and friend Lord Byron. What more proof do we need that creativity is an intuitive rather than a visual process?
How terribly fortunate was I to have discovered and espoused the eternal words of these literary giants in Dr. Raskin's "Age of Romanticism" class as a graduate student back at Pace U. Worth every minute*, despite the brutality of the 3 hour long classes of Summer Session!
I can't imagine having to google quotations to accompany my megapixels, when my own words don't suffice!!!

(*Well, not every minute. I never got as "cozy" with Coleridge and did skip class on the occasion of "The Lady of Shalott"!)

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