Fisherman at Sami, Kefalonia
Sami, Kefalonia
I've always wondered about those blank "Fish of Day" columns in tavern menus, haven't you?
How can you order a blank entry?

A natural question, if you are a tavern patron sitting at a waterside table and trying to guess how many coats of bright blue paint have  piled up over the years on those old fashioned, straw matted chairs.

As it were, the answer lies within your field of vision. The fishing boat approaches the tavern and the owner - usually the family patriarch - inspects the catch of day, haggles with the fisherman over the price, and voila!  One day it may be humble marine peasants like sardines, the other day royalty like lobster.
Regardless of the entry that fills in the menu blank, rest assured that both parties to the transaction are happy in their private thoughts that they put one over on the other - attested to by the smug look on their faces. In all probability they are childhood friends who've been at this for ages...
Some traditions are hard to part with....

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